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Looking for that Crisp California Wine

The secret has been out for decades that California wines can compete with the rest of the world in terms of quality and taste. Not the perennial underdog compared to the Europeans, what comes from the Golden State has now become a staple beverage throughout the world. Truly the “New World” may have overtaken the “Western World” in the realm of wines.

Yet California wines are the showcase for American wines over the years. The climate, the fertile land and the aggressive push by investors and winemakers made the area the class of the country. But there is a distinct taste to California wines that makes it unique.

Aside from being a winemaking and as well as a grape-making state, California’s production in all types of fruit is abundant and a major part of the state’s economy. Apple, oranges and strawberries are all major crops that grown fervently throughout the fair Californian climate. And it is those fruit that come out in California wines.

The blend and slight mixing of citrus fruit in wines is a feature that makes California wines distinct. Truly, winemakers from other countries do it, but in California, it is expected. The light apple texture, the crisp taste of raspberries and more are all variations and deviations from the conventional winemaking processes.

So now, the distinct California wine with the slight fruit flavors is displayed in the new Prospect 49 Chardonnay. Described as effusive with bright, green apple aromas and flavors, the lively '10 Prospect 49 stays steady and fine on the palate. Made with tinges of active apple and mineral flavors, it delivers a clean and crisp finish.

Awarded a 91 on the 100 point wine scale, the affordable Chardonnay comes in at $10 a bottle. Distributed from a winery on the Central Coast, this blended wine can be found at many beverage stores today. For the quintessential California “fruity” and light wine, try this one out.

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